Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sticks And Stones is currently in production and available as a demo that features the first half or so of the game. it is a customized video game, based on The Legend Of Zelda. the structure of the quest is not all that similar to the original Nintendo game, as all of the tiles/sprites are unique to this game and many of the functions have been changed. the enemies are a little bit different than you are used to and the items are different from what you might expect. if you downloaded a copy before March 25th, 2015, please get the update below.

you really should play this with Zelda Classic 1.90. Zelda Classic 1.90 is a DOS program. your computer needs to be able to run DOS games to run 1.90. if you cannot run Zelda Classic 1.90, most other "stable" versions of the program will work fairly well, but 2.1s will not. after you choose a file/character name, pressing "alt" twice brings up a navigation menu window that allows you to browse in order to choose which quest file to load into the game program. I suggest using a controller and not the keyboard. I also suggest you set the controller up when the popup menu first allows you to.

here are the files* you will need:

if you cannot run Zelda Classic 1.90, know that the game may not work entirely as intended and try:

*the game is free. I don't profit from it and, by downloading, you agree not to, either. any perceived outside trademark is parodied or unintentional. if you have a problem with the game, don't download it and/or delete it from your computer. any possible adverse effects to your computer (and the systems networked with it) that may be the result of downloading and executing the file are your risks that are to be remedied at nobody's expense beyond your own.

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